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Tesch & Partner mbB – Straetus Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG

Straetus Germany is a debt collection company from Cologne. For years we have tried to work out an internal solution for our accounting. The advantages of this were obvious: We have control over all topics, save costs, promise ourselves a better overview and, above all, a structure that is adapted to the debt collection industry.

As well as our core business developed, our accounting structure could not grow quickly enough in its former form. The processes were insufficiently automated and complicated; A lack of know-how in dealing with Datev and also of professional nature made us realize that it was inevitable to bring a professional service provider on board. A decision that we were so shy about before because of the peculiarities of the debt collection industry.

Our fears should turn out to be unfounded! Tesch & Partner was no stranger to us before, as we and, above all, our clients, had been accompanying us both professionally and successfully in countless legal proceedings for years. Thanks to years of experience in the debt collection industry, it was easy for Tesch & Partner to familiarize themselves with our problems and requirements. The always transparent communication with us was extremely instructive for us.

Our processes have been automated, dealing with Datev has been simplified for us and the entire area has been streamlined in a targeted manner. With the help of a contact person that we can reach at any time, we switched from case-based accounts receivable to a structure based on balances. The possibility of accessing a business analysis and a compact and complete OPOS list at any time was created. The debt collection software we use was set up for the sub-ledger and thus elegantly complements the compact display via Datev.

Together we managed to develop a solution that gives us the secure feeling that we are now in professional hands in this existential area. Tesch & Partner gradually turned out to be an all-round solution and an important interface between our core business and financial accounting. With a clear conscience, we can recommend cooperation to any company – especially those from the financial services sector.

Signature Thomas Kunisch

Thomas Kunisch, managing director
Straetus Inkasso Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG

Signature Torsten Foesch

Torsten Foesch, Technical Director
Straetus Inkasso Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG

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